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Westlake High School Competitive Programming Tournament (WHS-CPT)

Date: April 10, 2021 1:00 CST- 5:00 CST

Problem Count: 30

3 Sample Problems


  1. Aaeria - Eric Pei, Andrew Qi Tang, Victor Gao - 2600
  2. tempester04 - Elijah Huang, Ethan Peng, Justin Wu - 2300
  3. canihasstdio - tuzepoito, cup_of_tea, yann_dev - 2200
  4. echen333us - Edward Chen, Anish Rajeev, Sahil Parikh - 1800
  5. zoember - Aaron Liu - 1800
  6. Vandegrift_1_A - Andrew McAlinden, Jasper Lee, Rohit Alamgari - 1700
  7. A88-McNeilHS - Jessica Shoemaker, Aditya Patwardhan - 1500
  8. TeamBlueberries - Hanyu Wei, Ishan Dasgupta, Kevin Yu - 1500
  9. jim231 - Jewon Im, Ryan Kim - 1300
  10. jakedude18 - Jake Kerrigan - 600


The Westlake High School Competitive Programming Tournament (WHS-CPT) is an annual computer science competition held at Westlake. WHS-CPT 2021 will be held online using the HackerRank platform. There will be one division containing a fair share of both beginner and advanced problems. For any questions go to this Google Form

If you are not registered already, you can do so here.


Thanks to a generous donation from our sponsor Wolfram Research, we are able to provide one year of Wolfram Alpha Pro and Wolfram One (worth over $300) to each person on our top 7 advanced teams and our top 3 novice teams as well as 1 randomly drawn team.

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For those wanting to learn more about Wolfram’s intiatives and how their products can be used in all things technical, check out their website here!

Problem Difficulty Samples

Here are several sample topics (without the problem statement). Some of these may appear in the contest!

If you are looking to study for this contest, we strongly recommend checking out past USACO problems.


  1. ASCII art (output).
  2. Given a set of integers, determine the largest number in the set that is smaller than n (control statements).
  3. Is the current day a leap year? (modulus)


  1. Find the shortest path given a directed graph (Dijkstra’s).
  2. Given a list of numbers, sort the numbers by their absolute value, and then place the positive numbers before the negative numbers (Sorting).
  3. Given endpoints of “carpet layers,” with form [a, b] determine the number of layers of carpet at any point p (prefix sums).
  4. Print all the shortest paths from a 3d point a,b,c to d,e,f (breadth first search).


  1. Given a set of P discrete points, find a triangulation such that no point in P is inside the circumcircle of any triangle in the triangulation of P (Delaunay Triangulation).
  2. Find the maximum distance between any two points in O(nlogn) time (Divide and Conquer).
  3. Calculate the polygon area if the lower hull were to be separated from the upper hull by a distance of n (Andrew’s Monotone Chain).


Using Wolfram to speed up the problem solving process

Competitive Programmer’s Handbook

C++ Reference


Q: What is the registration fee?

A: This contest is free :)

Q: How many people can be on a team?

A: 1-3 people

Q: What is the problem difficulty?

A: There are several samples, although the easiest problems are almost the same as standard computer science labs while the harder ones can range up to USACO platinum difficulty.

Q: What if we come across an issue during the contest?

A: There will be a zoom room open for you to resolve any issues within the contest (and we will post any announcements through the provided notification system).

Sponsors and Platforms

Wolfram Logo

Wolfram Research, for providing a very generous donation of prizes and a platform to verify many of our contest solutions on.

Github Logo

Github, for providing hosting for our contest website and our contest-creation repository.